Monday, 21 December 2015

Brand review: Bohomoon

Hello my lovelies!
 I have a stack of these coming up, so I hope you enjoy all of them! I am always on the look out for new shops (online and in real life) so when I find one, I always want to review it. The first store I have for you is an online one called Bohomoon, which as you may have gathered from the name, is very bohemian in style. I'm not exactly a hippy, but I do love some boho-chic jewellery, and when I was searching for stores online, I had rings particularly in my mind. In the end, I bought four cheapish rings and a phone-case. Let's start!

1) Sparkles Ring in Rose Gold - £3
This was my least favourite ring, although I thought it would be my favourite. Basically it's a little diamond stud and a tiny crescent moon, separated by a small gap. Yeah, I'm great at explaining. Anyway, I thought it would be slightly bigger than it was, but the ring itself was too narrow for the protruding decorations, so it just looked a bit too cheap. However, it might be the colour that made it look slightly tacky, even though I normally love rose gold.
2) Emie Ring - £5
Again this looked slightly cheaper than I thought it would, but I have worn it a few times as a thumb ring. It's kind of like a silver-plated wave with slight etchings, and it's great if you want to stack your rings. It is adjustable at the back, which is good in some ways, but I can only really wear it on my thumb, as I feel like it traps my skin if I wear it on the rest of my fingers.
3) Cut Out Crescent Ring in Silver - £6
This is probably my favourite ring, as it's lovely for stacking. It's a little crescent moon ring (probably 1cm tall) which looks kind of battered, which gives it a more rustic, bohemian look which I was going for when I bought it. And although I do normally love rose gold, I'm glad I bought it in silver, as I feel like this colour looks slightly more authentic, or at least it does from this website.
4) Solem Shield Ring - £6
This was the only statement ring I bought. It's one of those products that I felt slightly disappointed when I first saw it, but as I wore it and looked at it more, I grew to really like it. I wear it on my index finger, and it's like a stretched out, decorated diamond which stretches from slightly beyond the knuckle to the first bend of the finger. It was bigger than I expected, but I think I prefer that.
5) Glitter Waterfall Case - £8
 My old phone case kind of died, so I decided to try out another. FAVOURITE PRODUCT I BOUGHT. It's one of those phone cases that you turn upside down, and a load of glitter and stars pour down like a waterfall. I bought it in silver, so the glitter is silver and the stars are pink. And unlike a typical online phone-case, it feels really sturdy but not too thick.

In general, I did quite like this store, or at least the vibe it had. I don't think I'd buy anything else from here, just because the general appearance of the rings was slightly cheap. However, that could be because the rings I bought were on the cheaper side of things. My favourite product for sure was the phone case. I think that if you like bohemian style, and you're prepared to buy some of the more expensive items (don't worry, it's not too expensive!), then you could get some really good products from this site. Anyway, I hope you all have a good day, and Merry Christmas!
Love, Nicole x

Friday, 11 December 2015

Winter essentials!

Hello my lovelies!
 So the season of joy is upon us, and seems to be moving quickly. However, sometimes the season can be less joyful, as opposed to stressful. Here are some things that I have personally found are absolutely necessary if you want to live through these cold months in a happy, healthy manner.

1) Vitamins. I just turned vegetarian recently, so I decided to start vitamins just to ensure I had a healthy diet. However, I didn't realise how much energy they would give me, and since starting them, everyone has commented how much happier I seem. These are definitely needed to keep lurking colds and the flue at bay.
2) A warm coat. I don't care if it's fashionable or not (although I would prefer a nice one...), sometimes you have to prioritise comfort over fashion, and this translates to warmth over cold. A puffy/warm coat is definitely needed.
3) Candles! I won't babble on too much about these as I've pretty much raved about candles in all of my recent posts, but it's not Christmas without candles for me.
4) Playlist. It doesn't even have to be a Christmas playlist (she says while listening to her Christmas playlist...) but maybe a Winter playlist. I don't like listening to the music I listened to in summer while it's cold because it just feels wrong.
5) Dress/playsuit/jumpsuit. there seems to be so many parties happening around Christmas and the New Year, so you better be prepared. Even if it's just a little thing in school, or at work, odds are you're going to need a dress. Plus, who doesn't like an excuse to shop?
6) Christmas jumper/pyjamas. Cheap but adorable ones are abundant in Primark, but if you want to splurge, I'm certain any clothes store you step into will have a good range. Next seemed to have a good selection this year.
7) Favourite hot drink. Cafés everywhere have spent the past few months stressing over what they should blend to create the perfect drink, and in general have done a very good job. My favourite is the Gingerbread and Cream latté from Costa. If you don't want to go out, you can buy the flavoured syrup to make your very own from home.
8) Moisturizer. The cold, biting air has officially affected my skin, and it feels so tight and dry- I hate it! A moisturizer is 100% necessary. For my face, I love the Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer, and for body I have been loving Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Body Lotion, although the Vaseline Spray and Go cans will always be my fall-back.
9) New makeup. I think I'm going to write a post tomorrow on a winter style, so if you want a more detailed explanation, please come back and read it. However, in general, winter is a time for a bolder look- red lips, smoky eye shadow, less bronzer...
10) Goals. With a holiday coming up, you could just relax, but chances are you'll look back and wonder why you wasted all your time. Even if you only have a couple of days holiday, why not set yourself some tasks? For example, I want to learn my piano pieces, learn how to drive, complete my work experience, learn my singing pieces, etc... Even if I don't complete all these tasks (which I definitely won't) at least I tried.

 So I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any other necessities that you think I've missed off, please tell me down below! And please remember to try and relax- it is a holiday after all. Have a good day, and merry Christmas!

Lots of love, Nicole x

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas present ideas (or birthday)!

Hello my lovelies!
 Christmas is coming, and with it, numerous people asking you the dreaded question: "what's on your Christmas list?" It feels like there's so many things I want all year round, and suddenly December comes and I want nothing. Also, who doesn't feel slightly guilty asking for things- money doesn't grow on trees, or so adults constantly remind everyone! To help all of you out slightly, I have a few ideas that you could ask for which aren't too expensive.

1) Stationery. Before you roll your eyes, you can get some really cute notebooks which are definitely worth putting on your xmas list. I love the website "Ohh Deer" for all things stationery, but even your local WHSmith should have a fancy notebook that catches your eye.
2) Makeup. Sure, not everyone likes it, but my usual go to present is some makeup from somewhere like Topshop, or some nail varnish, which always looks cute and doesn't require too much effort to think of either.
3) Clothes. Another boring one, but look online or go to your favourite stores and I can guarantee that you'll find something you like. Why use your own money when someone else will buy it, hey?
4) Comfort products. Slipper socks, hot water bottles, mugs... think of what makes you feel cosy, whether it be a steaming cup of tea or some fuzzy bed socks- most likely, these are things you would like in your life!
5) Bath sets. Go into a store like the Body Shop, or Lush, and you'll have no problem finding one you like. They're easy to buy, and lovely to smell, so why not ask for one? Plus, they're great presents for friends if you really can't think of anything else...
6) Netflix/Spotify subscription. Again, a quick and easy gift to request from your parents or someone you're close with. If that fails, you could always ask for box sets of your favourite TV series. If you're looking for something new to watch, I have recently become addicted to Grimm, Supernatural, Suits and White Collar - I'd highly suggest any of these!
7) Candles! I am slightly candle obsessed. Colton Candles has recently been my favourite brand, but Yankee Candles are always amazing, or if you want a slightly better quality (=more expensive) gift, then how about Jo Malone? I love the Peony and Blush scented candle as a soft, subtle scent.
8) Accessories. Scarves, hats, bags, jewellery... there's something for everyone if you look hard enough! If you don't know where to start looking, River Island is good for winter accessories, and Bohomoon is my favourite online store!
9) Camera/polaroid. It doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive one to be a nice little gift.
10) Money! If you really can't think of anything you want, money is the easiest present ever. Not only do you not have to bother thinking of anything, but the buyer doesn't have to go out and buy it either.

I hope this has been of some help to you. Remember, you don't necessarily have to use this list for Christmas, as opposed to your birthday or any other gift-giving occasion. Have a good day and merry Christmas!

Lots of love, Nicole x

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Festive Pamper Evening!

Hello my lovelies!
 I hope you're all feeling as joyful and festive as I have recently. I know it's a bit of a cliché, but Christmas truly is the best time of the year for me. However, that's not to say it comes without stress. Not only is buying and giving presents stressful (to you as well as your bank account), organising countless meet ups with family members can be exhausting, and if you're anything like me, you might have realised that everybody has decided to put everything on you (exams, deadlines, "favours") in an attempt to achieve something before the new year. I'm tired, no denying it. And sometimes, the best thing to do when you're tired, is to organise a pamper evening. This is what I do whenever I have the time (maybe once a month) if I need to detox slightly. Hope you enjoy!

1) Bath time! I love a good bath to melt away your worries. Usually, I light a couple of candles around the tub (favourite Christmas ones include the cinnamon scented candle by Colton Candles, £7.99, or Christmas Day by Colton Candles, also £7.99) and pop on a Christmas film on my laptop (E.g. "Elf", "The Holiday" (favourite!!!) or "Love, Actually"). For the bath itself, I don't like mixing a load of products, so I tend to stick with one product, or at the very least, one scent. I absolutely adore "The Magic of Christmas" bubble bar by Lush, or any product from the Body Shop Red Musk range (warning- this is more of a sultry evening scent that the Lush product), but truthfully, if I got any product from the Lush Christmas range, I wouldn't complain!

2) After I've soaked in the tub for a while, I moisturise (I love my Vaseline Spray and Go body moisturizer as it dries so quickly, £2.45 from Superdrug) and shove on some pyjamas. If you're looking for a good set of pyjamas, I have to rave about Next who seem to have an amazing Christmas stock in this year, but I tend to always go to Primark for some cheap pyjamas. Even now I'm wearing a pair of navy and red checked flannel PJ's, which are adorable.

3) Nail painting... sure it takes time and smudges (every time!) but who doesn't love the finished product? While traditional Christmas colours like burgundy, dark green and gold will always be classics, I have been really enjoying sparkly colours this year more than anything. Ones I have found amazing include Jem, by Topshop (£5) or Fashion Icon, by Barry M (£3.99). If you prefer a more traditional colour, I'd suggest Bordeaux by Essie (£7.99).

4) While waiting for your nails to dry, why not apply a facemask? If you want, you can do this in the bath, but I prefer not to apply anything to my face when my pores are so open for fear of not washing everything out completely. Cheap but good masks that I have tried and tested are the Quick Fix facials (they have a whole range suitable for all skin problems), but I also love Origins Clear Improvement as a more expensive option (£23.00).

5) Once your fingers and toes have dried, shove on some slippers socks and tuck up under a bundle of blankets to finish watching your film, if you haven't already. I love hot drinks like tea, or peppermint tea, but I'll admit I've been having way too many hot chocolates lately! Bit of whipped cream, mini-marshmallows (M&S do a vegetarian range now!!) and I'm a happy gal.

 Hope you enjoyed my quick review of a typical pamper evening. Obviously, this doesn't include my bath/face/general evening routine, so if you'd like to learn more, just ask below, or read my previous skin care routine. Have a good evening, and merry Christmas!

Lots of love, Nicole x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Drugstore haul!

Hello my lovelies!
 If you've read my previous blogs, I think it's pretty obvious that I love shopping! Especially drugstore shopping, when everything is so much cheaper than the more luxurious brands. Here are some makeup products that I have bought recently, and also a quick review on each products. Prices are rounded from non-sale Boots prices.

1) L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara. I would not recommend! After the first couple of uses, I found the brush was already drying out and making my lashes look flaky. Also, after wearing the mascara for an hour or so, it smudged both under my eye and on the eyelid. However, it was very voluminous- just a shame it didn't last. That's what led me to my next purchase... = £10

2) Soap and Glory Thick and Fast HD mascara. I would recommend this. It defined each individual lash, curls and thickened, to create a fuller effect. It made me look more awake and widened my eyes. However, after a couple hours of wear it did smudge a bit (but this was easy to wipe away) and I think the 7-sided brush was a bit too complicated for its own good. Overall, I did like this product and it's my new everyday mascara. = £10

3) Maybelline New York Eraser Eye concealer. Definitely recommend! I suffer from prominent under eye bags, and have gone through many concealers to try and find one that not only covers the bags, but lasts the whole day. This concealer does. Bonuses- it doesn't feel thick or heavy, it's easy to blend and the soft applicator is gentle on the eye. I'd actually say this was my favourite purchase of the year! = £8

4) Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder. I would recommend. Despite saying "sheer" on the pot, I actually found that it has a high coverage, which (teamed with concealer and foundation) did manage to cover any blemishes I have. It was easy to reapply and lasted the majority of the day, and when using this, I find I'm a lot less shiny. And for the price, this product was excellent. = £3

5) KIKO Smart Lipstick in the shade Rosewood. I would recommend, and not just because I love Pretty Little Liars (amazing show, if you watch it you'll understand why!) It glides on easily and the colour lasts the whole day. I actually found it acted well as a lip stain, as it definitely tinted my lips. While it is quite a deep purple shade, I found it was easy to wear and didn't make me look too made up. Another cheap product that I loved! = £4

6) Miss Sporty Ohh! Blushed Again in the shade Rose. DO NOT BY. It didn't blend, it stained my clothes and brushes and the packaging was cheap and broke easily. It looked like I had painted my cheeks so I could go and dress up as a clown. to be honest, I did buy it because it was selling for £3, so I can't say I was surprised by the quality, but still, it was £3 that I really should have saved.
 = £3 (I'm sure that surprised you...)

7) Final purchase! No7 Matte Lip Crayon in the shade Dusky Rose. Ending on a good purchase! I love crayons, as they're so easy to use in order to give a pouty, polished finished look. No7 was the first brand that I ever bought a crayon from, a couple of years ago, and since then I've used many other brands. But returning to this one reminded me why I liked them so much! They are soft, long-lasting and leave a nice finish. Great purchase! = £9

 Altogether, this haul cost me £47 which isn't too bad for 7 products. For only the good products, it would have cost £34 for 5 products, which I'd say is pretty good. Just saying, all opinions expressed were my own, and what worked for me might not for you, and vice versa. Anyway, I hope I've given you some useful advice, and if you have any good products recommendations, I'm happy to hear them (especially foundations right now). Thank you for reading!

 Lots of love, Nicole x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Evening skin routine (plus Yves Rocher Pure System review)

Hello my lovelies!
 Most people have some form of a skincare routine, whether it be a quick face wipe, or a 'full on ten hour' routine. Personally, I have the latter. I have combination skin, but lately I've been kind of stressed which has meant I have broken out majorly. This means I've kind of had to step up my routine lately. This is an everyday routine if I have been wearing makeup. Obviously, I would do things like shower, brush my teeth, etc... but the obvious stuff I've cut out. So without anymore pointless rambling, here we go!

 1)  Remove makeup. I use Clinique "Take the Day Off" eye makeup remover, and Freederm "Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wipes" to take off the rest of my makeup. The wipes are really good at removing all makeup and are very moist, so don't dry up after wiping half your face. I do like the eye makeup remover, but it is quite oily. I'd appreciate any recommendations!

2) Face wash. This is my favourite part as it makes me feel so fresh haha! My face products are all from Yves Rocher Pure System range. The face wash is a daily exfoliating cleanser. It has a gritty texture due to the botanical micro beads, which eliminate excess sebum and unclog pores. I saw my skin began to clear up just after a few days of use, but the texture may be a bit harsh for some people.

3) Toner. The one I use is a clarifying toner (again Yves Rocher) meant to minimise pores and decrease redness. What I love about this particular toner is it's gel consistency. Most toners are water based, but this thicker texture seems to work a lot better for me. After use, it momentarily leaves skin feeling a bit tight, but this feeling disappears after 30 seconds, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

4) Face mask. I use one 2-3 times per week. My current favourite is the Sephora Green Tea face mask. It's like a face cloth with holes cut out for your eyes, nose and mouth, soaked in a gel which is primarily green tea based. The mask targets blemishes and is mattifying; you can really see results the next morning, which is why I love it so much.

5) Moisturiser/substitute. I use the Yves Rocher Pure System range (again...) 4-in-1 lotion. It a) fights pimples and blackheads, b) refines skin texture, c) mattifies for eight hours and d) fades blemish marks. While it doesn't say on the tube, I have found it also acts as a moisturiser and since starting the Pure System range several weeks ago, I haven't suffered any dry patches.

6) Final touches. Every night I apply Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm, which brightens up the under eye area and firms bags (highly suggest it if you suffer from prominent eye bags!). I also use Kiehls Lip Balm every night, and since using it I haven't suffered chapped lips once!

 Of course there are the occasional extra products I use, and sometimes I substitute some products for others, depending on what problem my skin is suffering from at the time. But for the most part, this is my everyday nightly routine! I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm always looking out for new things to try if you have any recommendations!

 Lots of love, Nicole x

Monday, 6 July 2015

7 Summer Essentials

Hi blog viewers!
 So summer has started and the sun is (occasionally) shining, the birds are singing, the people are laughing and this post is getting cheesier by the letter. In all seriousness, I love summer- I feel like my favourite "time periods" rotate between Christmas and summer, the rest of my time is spent craving those periods- just me? Anyways, the surprisingly warm weather has me looking forwards to my holiday to France which is coming up in a couple of weeks. I am a perfectionist (just saying, that doesn't mean the things I do resemble anything close to "perfect") so I tend to overthink every tiny little thing, which got me started on what I absolutely need for the holidays. So here we go!

  1. A denim jacket- it's not always warm enough to go out without an extra layer, but cardigans can be too warm. Denim jackets are easy, suit most outfits and aren't too warm. Perfect!
  2. Playsuit/dress- most people have an outfit that makes them feel extra special. Personally, dresses and playsuits keep me coolest (as in temperature!) and make me feel pretty (I'm sure everyone else thinks I just look like an idiot swishing down the street), so they're definitely an essential for me. Plus they're so easy! Why bother coordinating an outfit when you can throw on a dress and BOOM- you're done.
  3. BB/CC cream- I don't know if it's just me, but when it gets really hot I don't like to wear much makeup. Plus, I'm not as lucky as some people who just don't sweat (HOW?!) so if I did wear some, it would probably just sweat off. However, my skin is pretty bad right now so I don't feel extremely confident. BB or CC cream is the perfect compromise- not too heavy on the skin while still providing some coverage. I'd recommend the BB cream from Origins, but even the cheap ones provide some coverage.
  4. Perfume/scent- I always like wearing one particular scent when I go away on holiday, so when I smell it later on it brings back good memories. Usually I use a perfume, but this year I've found a scent which I have fallen in love with! The virgin mojito range from the Body Shop is divine- it smells fresh (strong lime scent) but isn't too overpowering. It's not the usual scent that I like, but the smell reminds me of a cocktail (as it says in the title...) and something about that makes me really happy haha.
  5. Sandals- or flip-flops, but sandals look prettier (in my opinion). Any other shoes tend to make my feet too hot. I've seen quite a few pairs I like, especially from Miss Selfridge.
  6. A good book- I'm a really fast reader. It's not unheard of for me to read three thick books in one day; I can't help it, I get so sucked in! But I always like bringing a beauty book or something like that along on holiday, so you can spend days pawning over each page and it will last you all holiday. One I enjoyed was Lauren Conrad's Beauty book: you don't have to like her to admit that her book is the beauty bible.
  7. Notebook- If you have read any of my previous blogs, you might have heard this recommendation before. I can't leave the house without a notebook, in case I'm struck with a great song idea, book plotline, recipe idea or something like that, which I know I'd forget if I didn't write it down immediately. Plus, you never know when you might need a bit of paper.
 Obviously there are a lot more things to remember (sunglasses, sun cream, shorts etc...) which are incredibly important, but these are a few things that I cannot go on holiday without. If you have any suggestions for me of any good, cheap playsuits, sandals or beauty books, I'd love to hear from you. Or if you have any other things you think I should include in my list, then please leave a comment!
I hope you all have a lovely summer! Love Nicole x