Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas present ideas (or birthday)!

Hello my lovelies!
 Christmas is coming, and with it, numerous people asking you the dreaded question: "what's on your Christmas list?" It feels like there's so many things I want all year round, and suddenly December comes and I want nothing. Also, who doesn't feel slightly guilty asking for things- money doesn't grow on trees, or so adults constantly remind everyone! To help all of you out slightly, I have a few ideas that you could ask for which aren't too expensive.

1) Stationery. Before you roll your eyes, you can get some really cute notebooks which are definitely worth putting on your xmas list. I love the website "Ohh Deer" for all things stationery, but even your local WHSmith should have a fancy notebook that catches your eye.
2) Makeup. Sure, not everyone likes it, but my usual go to present is some makeup from somewhere like Topshop, or some nail varnish, which always looks cute and doesn't require too much effort to think of either.
3) Clothes. Another boring one, but look online or go to your favourite stores and I can guarantee that you'll find something you like. Why use your own money when someone else will buy it, hey?
4) Comfort products. Slipper socks, hot water bottles, mugs... think of what makes you feel cosy, whether it be a steaming cup of tea or some fuzzy bed socks- most likely, these are things you would like in your life!
5) Bath sets. Go into a store like the Body Shop, or Lush, and you'll have no problem finding one you like. They're easy to buy, and lovely to smell, so why not ask for one? Plus, they're great presents for friends if you really can't think of anything else...
6) Netflix/Spotify subscription. Again, a quick and easy gift to request from your parents or someone you're close with. If that fails, you could always ask for box sets of your favourite TV series. If you're looking for something new to watch, I have recently become addicted to Grimm, Supernatural, Suits and White Collar - I'd highly suggest any of these!
7) Candles! I am slightly candle obsessed. Colton Candles has recently been my favourite brand, but Yankee Candles are always amazing, or if you want a slightly better quality (=more expensive) gift, then how about Jo Malone? I love the Peony and Blush scented candle as a soft, subtle scent.
8) Accessories. Scarves, hats, bags, jewellery... there's something for everyone if you look hard enough! If you don't know where to start looking, River Island is good for winter accessories, and Bohomoon is my favourite online store!
9) Camera/polaroid. It doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive one to be a nice little gift.
10) Money! If you really can't think of anything you want, money is the easiest present ever. Not only do you not have to bother thinking of anything, but the buyer doesn't have to go out and buy it either.

I hope this has been of some help to you. Remember, you don't necessarily have to use this list for Christmas, as opposed to your birthday or any other gift-giving occasion. Have a good day and merry Christmas!

Lots of love, Nicole x

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