Sunday, 23 August 2015

Drugstore haul!

Hello my lovelies!
 If you've read my previous blogs, I think it's pretty obvious that I love shopping! Especially drugstore shopping, when everything is so much cheaper than the more luxurious brands. Here are some makeup products that I have bought recently, and also a quick review on each products. Prices are rounded from non-sale Boots prices.

1) L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara. I would not recommend! After the first couple of uses, I found the brush was already drying out and making my lashes look flaky. Also, after wearing the mascara for an hour or so, it smudged both under my eye and on the eyelid. However, it was very voluminous- just a shame it didn't last. That's what led me to my next purchase... = £10

2) Soap and Glory Thick and Fast HD mascara. I would recommend this. It defined each individual lash, curls and thickened, to create a fuller effect. It made me look more awake and widened my eyes. However, after a couple hours of wear it did smudge a bit (but this was easy to wipe away) and I think the 7-sided brush was a bit too complicated for its own good. Overall, I did like this product and it's my new everyday mascara. = £10

3) Maybelline New York Eraser Eye concealer. Definitely recommend! I suffer from prominent under eye bags, and have gone through many concealers to try and find one that not only covers the bags, but lasts the whole day. This concealer does. Bonuses- it doesn't feel thick or heavy, it's easy to blend and the soft applicator is gentle on the eye. I'd actually say this was my favourite purchase of the year! = £8

4) Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder. I would recommend. Despite saying "sheer" on the pot, I actually found that it has a high coverage, which (teamed with concealer and foundation) did manage to cover any blemishes I have. It was easy to reapply and lasted the majority of the day, and when using this, I find I'm a lot less shiny. And for the price, this product was excellent. = £3

5) KIKO Smart Lipstick in the shade Rosewood. I would recommend, and not just because I love Pretty Little Liars (amazing show, if you watch it you'll understand why!) It glides on easily and the colour lasts the whole day. I actually found it acted well as a lip stain, as it definitely tinted my lips. While it is quite a deep purple shade, I found it was easy to wear and didn't make me look too made up. Another cheap product that I loved! = £4

6) Miss Sporty Ohh! Blushed Again in the shade Rose. DO NOT BY. It didn't blend, it stained my clothes and brushes and the packaging was cheap and broke easily. It looked like I had painted my cheeks so I could go and dress up as a clown. to be honest, I did buy it because it was selling for £3, so I can't say I was surprised by the quality, but still, it was £3 that I really should have saved.
 = £3 (I'm sure that surprised you...)

7) Final purchase! No7 Matte Lip Crayon in the shade Dusky Rose. Ending on a good purchase! I love crayons, as they're so easy to use in order to give a pouty, polished finished look. No7 was the first brand that I ever bought a crayon from, a couple of years ago, and since then I've used many other brands. But returning to this one reminded me why I liked them so much! They are soft, long-lasting and leave a nice finish. Great purchase! = £9

 Altogether, this haul cost me £47 which isn't too bad for 7 products. For only the good products, it would have cost £34 for 5 products, which I'd say is pretty good. Just saying, all opinions expressed were my own, and what worked for me might not for you, and vice versa. Anyway, I hope I've given you some useful advice, and if you have any good products recommendations, I'm happy to hear them (especially foundations right now). Thank you for reading!

 Lots of love, Nicole x


  1. Your blog article absolutely correct.

    1. Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it!