Monday, 21 December 2015

Brand review: Bohomoon

Hello my lovelies!
 I have a stack of these coming up, so I hope you enjoy all of them! I am always on the look out for new shops (online and in real life) so when I find one, I always want to review it. The first store I have for you is an online one called Bohomoon, which as you may have gathered from the name, is very bohemian in style. I'm not exactly a hippy, but I do love some boho-chic jewellery, and when I was searching for stores online, I had rings particularly in my mind. In the end, I bought four cheapish rings and a phone-case. Let's start!

1) Sparkles Ring in Rose Gold - £3
This was my least favourite ring, although I thought it would be my favourite. Basically it's a little diamond stud and a tiny crescent moon, separated by a small gap. Yeah, I'm great at explaining. Anyway, I thought it would be slightly bigger than it was, but the ring itself was too narrow for the protruding decorations, so it just looked a bit too cheap. However, it might be the colour that made it look slightly tacky, even though I normally love rose gold.
2) Emie Ring - £5
Again this looked slightly cheaper than I thought it would, but I have worn it a few times as a thumb ring. It's kind of like a silver-plated wave with slight etchings, and it's great if you want to stack your rings. It is adjustable at the back, which is good in some ways, but I can only really wear it on my thumb, as I feel like it traps my skin if I wear it on the rest of my fingers.
3) Cut Out Crescent Ring in Silver - £6
This is probably my favourite ring, as it's lovely for stacking. It's a little crescent moon ring (probably 1cm tall) which looks kind of battered, which gives it a more rustic, bohemian look which I was going for when I bought it. And although I do normally love rose gold, I'm glad I bought it in silver, as I feel like this colour looks slightly more authentic, or at least it does from this website.
4) Solem Shield Ring - £6
This was the only statement ring I bought. It's one of those products that I felt slightly disappointed when I first saw it, but as I wore it and looked at it more, I grew to really like it. I wear it on my index finger, and it's like a stretched out, decorated diamond which stretches from slightly beyond the knuckle to the first bend of the finger. It was bigger than I expected, but I think I prefer that.
5) Glitter Waterfall Case - £8
 My old phone case kind of died, so I decided to try out another. FAVOURITE PRODUCT I BOUGHT. It's one of those phone cases that you turn upside down, and a load of glitter and stars pour down like a waterfall. I bought it in silver, so the glitter is silver and the stars are pink. And unlike a typical online phone-case, it feels really sturdy but not too thick.

In general, I did quite like this store, or at least the vibe it had. I don't think I'd buy anything else from here, just because the general appearance of the rings was slightly cheap. However, that could be because the rings I bought were on the cheaper side of things. My favourite product for sure was the phone case. I think that if you like bohemian style, and you're prepared to buy some of the more expensive items (don't worry, it's not too expensive!), then you could get some really good products from this site. Anyway, I hope you all have a good day, and Merry Christmas!
Love, Nicole x


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