Sunday, 16 August 2015

Evening skin routine (plus Yves Rocher Pure System review)

Hello my lovelies!
 Most people have some form of a skincare routine, whether it be a quick face wipe, or a 'full on ten hour' routine. Personally, I have the latter. I have combination skin, but lately I've been kind of stressed which has meant I have broken out majorly. This means I've kind of had to step up my routine lately. This is an everyday routine if I have been wearing makeup. Obviously, I would do things like shower, brush my teeth, etc... but the obvious stuff I've cut out. So without anymore pointless rambling, here we go!

 1)  Remove makeup. I use Clinique "Take the Day Off" eye makeup remover, and Freederm "Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wipes" to take off the rest of my makeup. The wipes are really good at removing all makeup and are very moist, so don't dry up after wiping half your face. I do like the eye makeup remover, but it is quite oily. I'd appreciate any recommendations!

2) Face wash. This is my favourite part as it makes me feel so fresh haha! My face products are all from Yves Rocher Pure System range. The face wash is a daily exfoliating cleanser. It has a gritty texture due to the botanical micro beads, which eliminate excess sebum and unclog pores. I saw my skin began to clear up just after a few days of use, but the texture may be a bit harsh for some people.

3) Toner. The one I use is a clarifying toner (again Yves Rocher) meant to minimise pores and decrease redness. What I love about this particular toner is it's gel consistency. Most toners are water based, but this thicker texture seems to work a lot better for me. After use, it momentarily leaves skin feeling a bit tight, but this feeling disappears after 30 seconds, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

4) Face mask. I use one 2-3 times per week. My current favourite is the Sephora Green Tea face mask. It's like a face cloth with holes cut out for your eyes, nose and mouth, soaked in a gel which is primarily green tea based. The mask targets blemishes and is mattifying; you can really see results the next morning, which is why I love it so much.

5) Moisturiser/substitute. I use the Yves Rocher Pure System range (again...) 4-in-1 lotion. It a) fights pimples and blackheads, b) refines skin texture, c) mattifies for eight hours and d) fades blemish marks. While it doesn't say on the tube, I have found it also acts as a moisturiser and since starting the Pure System range several weeks ago, I haven't suffered any dry patches.

6) Final touches. Every night I apply Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm, which brightens up the under eye area and firms bags (highly suggest it if you suffer from prominent eye bags!). I also use Kiehls Lip Balm every night, and since using it I haven't suffered chapped lips once!

 Of course there are the occasional extra products I use, and sometimes I substitute some products for others, depending on what problem my skin is suffering from at the time. But for the most part, this is my everyday nightly routine! I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm always looking out for new things to try if you have any recommendations!

 Lots of love, Nicole x

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