Saturday, 7 March 2015

How to... shop!

Hi blog viewers!
 If you are anything like me, shopping is as fun as it is a bother. Don't get me wrong- I love shopping. But saving my money becomes a massive problem, as does the pain in my feet by the end of the day. Here is a few quick tips on how to shop.

Before shopping
-Count how much money you have, and plan to save at least £10. That way, if you have an emergency (like you desperately need to get a taxi or have lost your train ticket, it's not too big a tragedy!)
-Decide what you need to buy, what you'd like to buy and what you shouldn't buy before you leave. That way, you'll (hopefully) make no guilty purchases and will have all the products you need.
-Expect to have to spend money on food. I'm not just talking about lunch- one of my favourite things about shopping is all the café breaks! Just me..?
-Make sure you have everything you need with you. My minimal luggage includes: phone, keys, money, ID and headphones. Check my post 'What's in my bag?' for a more in-depth information.

While shopping
-Stick to what you were planning on buying. Yes, you are allowed the occasional spontaneous buy, but before getting it, think about your wardrobe- do you not have enough tops already? How many red lipsticks have you got? Is that skirt not a bit too expensive? etc..
-Don't be too disappointed if you can't find what you were looking for. The great thing about this generation is the invention of online shopping!
-Try stack you bags. Don't necessarily put the smaller bags in the biggest. Put as many bags as possible in the most comfortable bag (providing it fits).
-When buying makeup products, before you splurge, apply a bit to the back of your hand, go outside, and make sure it looks the same in natural lighting. I'll write a blog soon on how to test makeup.
-I always take products from the back of the pile- you don't know who decided to try out that lip-gloss or stick their finger into that eye-shadow...

After shopping
-With clothes, I'm a bit paranoid. I have to wash them before putting them away- the thought of hundreds of people touching them and wearing them really puts me off haha.
-Put away all your purchases ASAP! You've just spent your money on them- you don't want to risk losing them or damaging them.
-Enjoy using all your new things!

I hope this blog hasn't made shopping a daunting experience for you- I genuinely love it. I hope this has helped though, and that you have a good day.

Lots of love, Nicole x

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